Ten Signs That Suggest You Will Not Qualify for an EHR Incentive Payment

I have spent the last few months reviewing a seemingly endless stream of documents about HITECH, MU, HIE and EHR incentives. My focus has always been on helping providers understand the details of these programs, so that they can maximize their chances of qualifying for the incentives. It occurred to me that having an instrument that accurately predicts who will not be eligible for an incentive would be quite useful. With this in mind, I present my list of ways you can be certain that you will not qualify for an EHR incentive payment. In my limited testing, any positive response is an indication that MU-related processes within the practice should undergo immediate review. I would appreciate any feedback on the predictive accuracy of this instrument.

10.  Your plan to assure that all vital signs are collected includes a thermometer you bought from a guy who  threw in “magic” beans as part of the deal.

9.   When a patient requests an electronic copy of his medical record, you offer to allow him 10 minutes to take photographs of his paper chart with a smart phone.

8.   Your e-prescribing solution uses an “online Canadian pharmacy.”

7.   Inexplicably, your patient-centered medical home is tied up in the recent wave of foreclosures.

6.   Your office manager is perplexed because menu set objectives do not contain a “Club Sandwich” or “Caesar Salad” option.

5.   You are relieved to learn that “certified” refers to EHR technology and not the way some staff members have been behaving.

4.    Starting last week, the 800 number for the local regional extension center is always answered “Joe’s Barbershop.”

3.    When you ask your EHR vendor for changes in your input screens, he provides you with information on changing monitor color settings.

2.  Your HIPAA security compliance plan is based on a secret handshake and decoder ring.

1.   Your health information exchange plan involves carrier pigeons.





  1. Priceless!!!
    …and thanks for a bit of humor on a rainy day….!

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