EHR Resources

As promised, EHR Science now has its first resource page!  The page is divided into the following sections: News, Resources & Information, Reports & Surveys, Blogs, Journal List, and Special Topics.    Each section is briefly explained below.

News – A listing of online magazines and websites that offer breaking news and coverage of current events in health information technology.

Resources & Information – Sites that offer information, guidelines, tutorials and other assistance to those who wish to learn more about electronic health records and health information technology.

Reports & Surveys – Major national reports addressing trends and issues related to health information technology.

Blogs – These are blogs that I find interesting and informative.

Journal List—Research journals that focus on biomedical informatics and health information technology.

Special Topics – This section addresses specific research issues such as workflow, usability, architecture/design, and security.  Currently, the plan is to include only two types of information in this section: links to topic-specific resources (e.g. books, web sites) and bibliographies of research articles.

The EHR Resources page will be updated regularly.   Please use the contact form to let me know what you think of this page and to suggest changes  or submit resource suggestions.




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