Resources Update

After wrestling with the issue of maintaining the resource pages, I finally decided on what I hope will be a workable process.   Originally, the plan was to have a single page for each major topic (e.g. EHRs, software architecture, and open source) with subsections set up for special topics.   Article references were slated to be a major component of the special topics sections.   In theory, this worked; in practice, not so much.

On reviewing planned updates to the EHR Resources page, it became apparent that if all subsections were completed as originally intended, the page would be too long and cumbersome to read.   Enter plan “F” (B-E didn’t work out).  Here is how things will work until another reorganization is required.

  • Major topics will each have a dedicated main page.
  • When subsections grow too large, they will become subpages that may be accessed from either the navigation menu or the main topic page.
  • All books will be listed, by topic, on a separate page.  This not intended to be a formal bibliography, so books  are listed simply—title, brief comment, and link providing more information (usually to Amazon).  There is no monetary arrangement with Amazon; I like the reviews.
  • Special Topics resources include journal references.  Journal references will be limited, for the most part, to research-oriented publications.   They will be listed in chronological order from newest to oldest.

In keeping with the above, two new pages have been added–Adoption & Implementation and Bookshelf. Adoption & Implementation is a subpage of EHR Resources, and in order to avoid duplication, resources related to adoption and implementation have been removed from the main EHR Resources page.   The booklist will be updated monthly (second Friday) while other resource pages will be updated twice each month (first and third Fridays).

I hope these pages prove to be helpful.  Please feel free to contact me with suggestions for articles, books, web sites, or other resources that you feel are worth including.



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