While putting together a set of EHR architecture/design study materials, I decided to go ahead and create another resource page.    As with the Clinical Workflow page, the Architecture and Design page will have PubMed, IEEE, and ACM citations.   The Architecture and Design page has been created to serve as a resource for those who are interested in building  EHR systems and/or  understanding how they work.  To that end, I have included links to EHR standards,  open source projects, and programming/technology information.   Data exchange, decision support,  and content-related materials (e.g. SNOMED, LOINC) are  included only if they directly address issues encountered when designing and building systems.

Clinical workflow citations now go back to 1995 and are up to date through March 25, 2013.  The next page refresh in April will include a new section on Petri nets.  Hereafter, the Clinical Workflow and Architecture and Design pages will be updated on the 26th of each month.    Enjoy!


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