August 2013

Since there are more than 80 control-flow and data workflow patterns, an exhaustive review in a blog post (even a series) is unrealistic.  Accordingly, my goal is to present a select group of patterns in order to: 1) demonstrate the value of focusing on core workflow concepts, and 2) illustrate how patterns can be applied […]


Reconciling EHR workflows with the human activities they are supposed to support is one of the most challenging aspects of EHR implementation.   Much of the difficulty arises because EHR systems tend to have hard-coded workflows, and these workflows have no explicit standard representation.  That is, there are no standard charts or diagrams that are […]

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Starting a Clinical Workflow Community

by Jerome Carter on August 12, 2013 · 5 comments

Well, here is the forum promised in the last post.   As with any forum, the main goal is to build a community where ideas, tips, and techniques can be shared and debated.   This being new territory for me, I worry about security issues as well as whether the forum will catch on.  The initial forum […]