September 2013

Disruption in the EHR Market: Will Anyone See It Coming?

by Jerome Carter on September 30, 2013 · 2 comments

Having gone from writing FORTRAN programs on mainframes to creating web applications in the cloud, I have seen the computer revolution up close.   Change has been the only constant, and yet innovations are consistently overlooked, especially by companies who are next on the endangered species list.    Yahoo and Alta Vista were Googlelized.  Blackberry, having been […]


Startup: A Long and Winding Road

by Jerome Carter on September 23, 2013 · 0 comments

It has been awhile since I wrote about my attempt at launching an Internet startup.    Things are progressing more slowly than hoped, but not for the expected reasons.   Obviously, creating a successful web app from scratch is challenging; however, the purely technical aspects are not, in themselves, the most problematic ones.     Seemingly, one can select […]


Control-flow patterns capture process information related to movement from task-to-task.  However, task execution does not tell the whole story of workflows.   Work usually consumes and produces information as well.  Well-designed systems anticipate information needs.     With this in mind, workflow modeling should include information flows as well as task execution sequences. In Workflow Data Patterns, Russell […]


Solving workflow problems requires an orderly approach to discovering details.  One can start by capturing a narrative description of the workflow to be analyzed.  Analyzing narratives for important verbs and nouns is a common technique for developing use cases (1). It works just as well for documenting workflows.  The great thing about starting with a […]


In the last post, we looked at the five basic patterns, and two that were more advanced, along with examples of how they can represent tasks.  Now, we are going to look at the graphical representations of these seven patterns. I find that familiarity with the graphical representations of patterns not only helps me to […]