February 2014

User Expectations and EHR Design

by Jerome Carter on February 24, 2014 · 2 comments

Ideally, an EHR system should make one more efficient and productive.  Under less-than-ideal circumstances, workarounds, errors and “gotchas” appear and complaints mount.   Addressing EHR design issues requires mapping complaints to specific EHR features and design decisions.  However, mapping is not necessarily a straightforward process.  Some complaints are easily mapped (e.g., the print is too small) […]


Many processes within health care are very similar to those in other domains.   The ambulatory visit workflow discussed in the last post has examples of generic processes.  Check-in, for example, occurs in any business where customers present for service.  Likewise, checking a patient’s insurance status is not that different from checking whether an extended warranty […]


The YAWL platform is a very sophisticated collection of tools that supports not only graphical modeling, but also enterprise-level workflow management capability.  It offers a workflow engine, web services, and other features required for business process management.     The graphical modeling environment is the focus of this series of posts. The YAWL Editor is the tool […]


My enthusiasm for workflow patterns stems, to a significant extent, from the fact that they provide an extraordinary library of process information.   By providing a pattern library, van der Aalst et al. have made available a set of modeling hints that are detailed and very helpful to workflow analysts.   Having them, one need not start […]