August 2014

You Had Me at “Swift”

by Jerome Carter on August 18, 2014 · 2 comments

Some things are simply destined to happen.   I have written a few times about my multi-year journey in modern software development.   Over the last few years, I have studied software architecture, object-oriented analysis and design, discrete mathematics and workflow analysis and had a lot of fun.  Netbeans and Xcode are on my MacBook Pro, and […]


We are now at the top layer of the clinical care system architecture. In this layer, the concern is how to best provide support for common clinical work needs such as collaboration or decision support.  This is very different from EHR system designs inspired by paper charts where the goal is replication of chart features. […]


Clinical work consists of processes.  Supporting clinical work with software requires support for processes.   Process support can be passive or active.   Paper charts are examples of passive support. Electronic resources may be passive as well.  For example, an online textbook is a passive support.  Over the course of training and subsequent work experiences, clinical professionals […]