September 2014

I taught a graduate informatics course at UAB for six years.  During that time, one piece of advice I always gave students was, “solve problems and you will always be in demand.”   Now, most go after the big problems: cancer, diabetes, food shortages, poverty, etc. because fame, and possibly fortune awaits the brilliant people who […]


EHR Design: Default Values as a Cause of Errors

by Jerome Carter on September 22, 2014 · 6 comments

When designing software, a lot of care is given to squashing bugs. But what does one do when the design itself is the problem?  Spotlight on Electronic Health Record Errors: Errors Related to the Use of Default Values, an article published by the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, sheds much needed light on this subject.  As […]


Yes, Programming Is Math…

by Jerome Carter on September 15, 2014 · 0 comments

I read a wide range of articles and posts on a daily basis.   Many of them are aimed at software developers and entrepreneurs.    At least once each year or so, I run across a blog post that takes the very adamant stance that programming is not really related to math.   The interesting thing is that […]


In software design, things that often seem obvious are not.    This is especially true when paper charts are used as design hints.   Too many “uses” go unnoticed because they are done unconsciously. Reading the recent NIST report, Integrating Electronic Health Records into Clinical Workflow: An Application of Human Factors Modeling Methods to Ambulatory Care, one […]