A Care Coordination Resources Page!

Most EHR systems do not excel at coordinating care across multiple sites and clinicians.   At a minimum, care coordination requires support for data sharing, synchronous/asynchronous communications, role-based information access and workflow support.   Creating an ideal system for managing care across people and sites presents interesting architectural and workflow challenges, and as we move closer to the next generation of clinical care systems, more research and discussion into what makes for a good care coordination system is required. 

With the above in mind, a resource page dedicated to care coordination has been added to EHR Science.   In the first pass at gathering resources, I have added materials that go beyond those focused on technical aspects of software design or system requirements.   Because care coordination requires significant organizational changes and workflow adjustments, resources that describe and analyze impacts on patients, clinicians, and organizations have been added as well. 

Please review the materials and alert me to any glaring omissions.   As always, please submit suggestions for additions/changes via the Contact form.  Enjoy.



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