October 2015

Software should make one’s life better. Otherwise, why use it?   Clinical software should make completing clinical processes more efficient and productive. Unfortunately, the complexity of clinical processes, even those considered simple by most people, is often underestimated.   Clinical processes require thought and action. Thus, any given workflow must account for one or more of the […]


Everyone has his/her own way of accomplishing a task. Now that I have taken up gardening, I have my own way of mulching, preferred brands, and favorite tools. This is a natural consequence of repeating any task enough times—we all find ways to make things easier for ourselves.    Once habits are formed, we are loath […]


Pre/post-implementation studies typically use a few standard measures. Business metrics (e.g., total cost of ownership, return on investment, revenue changes) and clinical metrics (e.g., patient visit levels, visit duration) are employed to get an understanding of how the EHR’s presence has impacted the organization (1,2,3).   Unfortunately, clinical metrics often assess the post-implementation state from too […]