Updates: Clinical Workflow Center and Clinical Swift

Clinical Workflow Center

Human factors methods are valuable tools for analyzing the nuances of clinical work.   Gaining familiarity with these methods can require a good deal of time and searching.   A new resource page has been added to Clinical Workflow Center to make life easier for those who want to begin exploring human factors techniques.   The resources listed provide introductions to techniques such as GOMS, hierarchal task analysis, and cognitive task analysis. Articles listed provide insights into the practical use of human factors methods in clinical care over the last 30 years.

Human Factors Methods and Clinical Work

Additional Clinical Workflow Center Resource Pages

Clinical Swift

CareKit is the latest Apple development framework for clinical applications.   CareKit makes it easier to design and build patient-facing applications.   This week’s post offers a look at CareKit’s main features.

A Peek at CareKit






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