Greatest Hits Volume, VI: Design, Engineering, and Usability

I have dedicated this summer to iOS development.    Having seen how iOS works from the inside, especially the attention given to human interaction guidelines, has increased my appreciation for all that goes into making systems truly usable.   Usability of EHR systems has taken on new importance, and the amount of research focused on this topic continues to grow. However, converting that research into actionable design ideas remains problematic.

As a designer of clinical care systems, I am searching for the perfect combination of processes, data, and usability that would result in systems that are intuitive and helpful.   The posts below recount my journey.  See you in two weeks.

User Interface Design
Liberating the EHR User Interface, Part I: The Legacy of LAN-based Client/Server
Liberating the EHR User Interface, Part II: Workflows and Widgets

Engineering Clinical Care Systems
Design Perspectives for Clinical Software: Getting Everyone on the Same Page
Clinical Concepts vs. Chart Concepts
Toward a Process-Oriented Clinical Care System
Bugs and EHR Systems: Engineering Matters…
Drug Alert Fatigue and Software Design

Usability Research: The Need for Standards
User-Centered Design—It’s Complicated…
A Role for Workflow Tech in User-Centered Design?
User-Centered Design “Gotchas”– Glad It’s Not Just Me…
A Usability Conundrum: Whether it is EHRs or Hospital Gowns, One Size Never Fits All…
NIST and AHRQ Workflow Reports: A Few Observations

Primary Care and Clinical Care Systems
CPC+ and the Advent of Primary Care EHR Systems
Primary Care—Leading the HIT Revolution, Part I: Supporting Clinical Processes
Primary Care–Leading the HIT Revolution, Part II: Listening to Clinicians
A Peek at CareKit



  1. How to improve EHRs: Forty features which should be in most EHRs:

    Hayward Zwerling, M.D., FACP, FACE
    Twitter: @HZwerling
    mobile: 978-407-0101
    President, ComChart Medical Software, (no longer for sale to the general public)
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    1. Author

      Hayward, thanks for your comment and resource links! I know you have dedicated years to EHR design, and I appreciate your contributions.

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