EHR Architecture and Design

by Jerome Carter on March 25, 2013

Updated  February 26, 2017  (Page is updated monthly on the 26th. For more frequent resource alerts, follow EHR Science on Twitter:@ehrscience.)

The Architecture and Design page has been created to serve as a resource for those who are interested in building  EHR systems and/or  understanding how they work.  To that end, I have included links to EHR standards,  open source projects, and programming/technology information.   Data exchange, decision support,  and content-related materials (e.g. SNOMED, LOINC) are  included only if they directly address issues encountered when designing and building systems.


Freeman E, Freeman E, Bates B, Sierra K, Robson E. Head First Design Patterns. 2004

McLaughlin BD, Pollice G, West D. Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. 2006

Microsoft Application Architecture Guide, Second Edition. 2009

Bass L, Clements P, Kazman R. Software Architecture in Practice, Third Edition. 2012

Resource Pages
 EHR Data Quality
NoSQL and Relational Databases 

Object Mentor Resources – Great information on object-oriented programminf and software design
Software Engineering Institute – Among other things, offers a range of resources on software architecture
The Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) – Provides a great overview of the main issues/areas of software engineering

A Robust Health Data Infrastructure, 2014

Report of the AMIA EHR 2020 Task Force on the Status and Future Direction of EHRs. 2015
JASON Report Task Force Final Report, 2014 

EHR  Architecture and Design

EHR Standards
Clinical Decision Support Initiative
Children’s Electronic Health Record Format

American Society of Testing Materials
E31 Standards

Food and Drug Administration
Mobile Medical Applications – Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff, 2013

Health Level Seven
EHR Functional Profiles

International Standards Organization (ISO)
TC 25 Health Informatics Standards

Health information technology:  certification criteria, 2014 edition
2014 Certification Test Methods

Specification documents

Open Source Projects
Open EMR
Open MRS


Designing Clinical Care Systems – a look at the issues and principles associated with creating electronic systems that intimately support clinical care.
Building Clinical Care Software Systems, Part I: Issues and Challenges
Building Clinical Care Software Systems, Part II: Patient Information
Building Clinical Care Software Systems, Part III: The Electronic Health Record
Building Clinical Care Software Systems, Part IV: Process Information
Building Clinical Care Software Systems, Part V: Supporting Clinical Work

Audit Trails and Data Access – these posts discuss  MU audit requirements and audit trail design.
EHR Design, Timelines, and Audit Trails: Getting a Sense of What Has Happened
EHR Design Basics: Tracking Data Changes and Accesses

Representational State Transfer – the basics of REST
Coming to REST, Part I: Complexity in EHR Systems
Coming to REST, Part II: It’s All About Resources


From Idea to System: A Story of Architecture and Design
Coupling and Cohesion: A View of Software Design from the Inside Out
Software Architecture and Design, First Steps
Rethinking the Design of Electronic Health Record Systems
What If EHRs Were More Like Content Management Systems?
Moving Beyond Paper-based Thinking in EHR Design
Requirements, Usability, and Petri Nets

Architecture and Design
Motifs in EHR Research
The EHR As an Object Worthy of Study
EHRs and Architectural Styles, Peeking Under the Hood
Investigating NoSQL for EHR Systems: MongoDB
Exchanging Data with JSON
SaaS EHRs, MVC, Flexibility and Innovation

Data Quality
Wrestling with EHR Data Quality
EHR Data Accuracy—Should You Be Concerned?

Clinical Algorithms and Data Structures
From Data to Data + Processes: A Different Way of Thinking about EHR Software Design
The Informaticist-Programmer Interface: What Do You Mean By That…?
Making Clinical Concepts Computable
The Nuances of Clinical Data
Null Codes: A Mechanism for Understanding the Reasons for Missing EHR Data Values

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