Every EHR is designed to work a certain way. The number of mouse clicks required to write a prescription; the number of screens viewed to order a lab; and the number of buttons pressed to generate a report all reflect the designers’ assumptions about how specific tasks are best accomplished.   Continue Reading

I have spent the last few months reviewing a seemingly endless stream of documents about HITECH, MU, HIE and EHR incentives. My focus has always been on helping providers understand the details of these programs, so that they can maximize their chances of qualifying for the incentives. It occurred toContinue Reading

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of primary care physicians about meaningful use (MU) and the EHR incentive programs. The questions they asked made it obvious that there remains a good deal of misunderstanding about what is required to comply with meaningful use objectives. It wasContinue Reading

A few weeks ago, I called a junk removal company to clean out my attic. I was surprised to find so many old computers buried under mounds of old magazines and clothing. I found four laptops (one Toshiba that I cannot recall ever using); four desktops (including a Macintosh IIContinue Reading