Patient safety is one of the main driving forces behind calls for better EHR systems and, as a result, EHR design quirks and flaws are receiving more attention.   Thomas Payne has provided a very insightful analysis of EHR safety issues in a recent BMJ Quality & Safety commentary (1). AsContinue Reading

Designing software, like practicing medicine, is in essence about solving problems.   Patients do not present with a series of multiple-choice answers from which one may select, and complex software systems are never built using stock requirements.   Both activities are as much art as science, and the results vary greatly amongContinue Reading

We saw in the last post that taking the Cartesian product of two sets results in a collection of ordered pairs.   Now, we are going to explore how ordered pairs and larger groupings can be used to organize information using relations. Here is the definition of a relation taken fromContinue Reading

Everything can be expressed as a set—the rooms in a building, the providers in a practice, penicillins—everything.  When one studies the basics of set theory – unions, intersections, subsets and the like—the concepts seem so simple, even obvious, that it is difficult to believe that Georg Cantor  had to dreamContinue Reading