As those who follow this blog know, over the last year or so I have been looking at EHR systems from three perspectives: theory, design, and development.    On the theoretical front, the focus has been on discrete mathematics especially graphs, relations/functions, and predicate logic.   The series Mathematics and Clinical ConceptsContinue Reading

Since the electronic health record is defined primarily as a patient data repository, it is natural to begin development of EHR systems with a data model.  As I noted in Is the Electronic Health Record Defunct?, this approach creates obstacles for building systems that optimally support clinical work.  Naturally, thisContinue Reading

When building software, requirements are everything. And although good requirements do not necessarily lead to good software, poor requirements never do.   So how does this apply to electronic health records?   Electronic health records are defined primarily as repositories or archives of patient data. However, in the era of meaningful use,Continue Reading