After last week’s aside into the data vs. processes dilemma, it is time to get back to how one defines requirements for a clinical care system.  Requirements gathering has to proceed along a few different paths simultaneously, and for any completely new system, it is a messy activity.  There areContinue Reading

Traditionally, clinical software has been organized around data.  The reason for this is the paper chart, which is a process-agnostic information source.  At the outset of creating a new software product, this question has to be answered early on: Is this a data-focused system or a process-focused one?  The architecturalContinue Reading

Swift is a modern programming language created by Apple to make application development simpler.   Version 2.0 of the language is out and adds much needed error trapping/exception handling capability.   Swift is similar to other C-derived languages, and is easy to read for anyone familiar with Java or PHP. Continue Reading