Patient safety is one of the main driving forces behind calls for better EHR systems and, as a result, EHR design quirks and flaws are receiving more attention.   Thomas Payne has provided a very insightful analysis of EHR safety issues in a recent BMJ Quality & Safety commentary (1). AsContinue Reading

In my quest to develop a mathematically-based theoretical framework for understanding the relationship between clinical work and clinical systems, I have been reviewing theory-focused articles in the academic informatics literature.   So far, I have waded through socio-technical theory and human factors engineering.   Interestingly, neither uses mathematics to convey their pointsContinue Reading

We gain understanding by asking good questions.  Questions about even the most common, mundane things can yield wisdom and point the way to important discoveries.   According to William Stukeley, Isaac Newton began his research into gravity because he wondered why apples always fell down and never sideways or up (1). Continue Reading