Two weeks ago I wrote about the value of EHR timelines and audit trails. Today’s post takes that discussion a little further by demonstrating various ways of keeping track of data accesses and changes in EHR data element values.   Of course, this functionality is useful for any clinical database thatContinue Reading

As EHR use increases, the number of complaints about incoherent paper printouts has grown.  However, it isn’t just clinicians who are having problems.   EHRs Prove a Difficult Witness in Court , an article from the Journal of AHIMA, details the legal headaches that can occur as a result of theContinue Reading

In 2006, the US Supreme Court amended the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) (1) in order to bring them up to the computer age.  The added rules govern evidence gathering (discovery) that occurs during litigation.   Specifically, they provide guidelines for evidence discovery of information in electronic form, referred toContinue Reading