Current EHR and HIT thinking places significant value on immediate and downstream use of EHR data.   The expected benefits of interoperability, clinical decision support, and data analytics all depend on accurate EHR data.  Yet, somehow, data quality has not gotten the attention that it should.   While clinical researchers are increasinglyContinue Reading

Now that EHR adoption has increased, data quality issues are receiving more attention.   Unfortunately, data quality is difficult to define.   Weiskopf and Weng make this point exceptionally well in their paper Methods and Dimensions of Electronic Health Record Data Quality Assessment: Enabling Reuse for Clinical Research.   Data quality is theContinue Reading

While putting together a set of EHR architecture/design study materials, I decided to go ahead and create another resource page.    As with the Clinical Workflow page, the Architecture and Design page will have PubMed, IEEE, and ACM citations.   The Architecture and Design page has been created to serve as aContinue Reading

Two weeks ago I wrote about the value of EHR timelines and audit trails. Today’s post takes that discussion a little further by demonstrating various ways of keeping track of data accesses and changes in EHR data element values.   Of course, this functionality is useful for any clinical database thatContinue Reading