Test Scripts

In the last post, I alluded to the possibility of using software prototyping tools* as aids to EHR usability testing and product selection.   While there are many types of prototyping tools, I have been most intrigued by those that allow the creation of interactive user interfaces.   Using these tools, I have been able to experiment […]


Recently, while reviewing visits to EHR Science, I noticed that the number of people accessing the Usability resources page has jumped.   Now that EHR adoption is moving along, usability has gained a much higher profile, both from the ONC as a certification requirement (EHR Certification 2014—Darwinian Implications?) and from users interested in buying systems that […]


Usability as an EHR Selection Tool

by Jerome Carter on April 2, 2012 · 0 comments

Decreased productivity is  one of the most often complained-about side effects of EHR adoption.   Documentation time usually leads the pack in terms of complaints.   One way to avoid “buyer’s remorse” when choosing an EHR is to conduct extensive product testing before signing a contract.   Of course, for busy clinicians, this is easier said than done.   […]


Once the workflow analysis for a task has been completed, it can be used to create a test script for EHR evaluation.  There is no standard process for creating a test script.  The method described here is one that I used for the 1917 Clinic EHR project.   Since there is no single correct way of […]