Well, it’s time to start designing new clinical care systems.  MU is winding down, so the yearly certification requirements churn will be ending soon, or at least slowing greatly, which is a good thing for someone jumping into the market. Current vendors have to support users who do continue inContinue Reading

This might seem like a silly question with an obvious answer, but is it really?  The solution to any problem grows out of the environment in which it appears and from the mindset in which it was conceived.  In 1970, the answer to this question would have been a mainframeContinue Reading

According to Ben Franklin, John Adams, or someone else (I could not find a reliable source), “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.”  This bodes well for clinical care software because the number of complaints about current EHR systems grows louder each day.  We know the problems: poor usability, lackContinue Reading

When building software, requirements are everything. And although good requirements do not necessarily lead to good software, poor requirements never do.   So how does this apply to electronic health records?   Electronic health records are defined primarily as repositories or archives of patient data. However, in the era of meaningful use,Continue Reading

Now that EHR adoption is well under way and meaningful use is in full-swing, the effects of EHR systems on every day clinical practice are becoming more obvious.    According to studies that look at how providers spend their time, clinicians are increasingly spending more time with computers and less timeContinue Reading