Having gone from writing FORTRAN programs on mainframes to creating web applications in the cloud, I have seen the computer revolution up close.   Change has been the only constant, and yet innovations are consistently overlooked, especially by companies who are next on the endangered species list.    Yahoo and Alta VistaContinue Reading

Evidence is mounting that providers are dissatisfied with their EHRs—so much so that they are willing to switch.   I don’t see this as unexpected or problematic.  It is simply a sign of a maturing market and the growing sophistication of EHR users, which I think bodes well for innovative vendors.Continue Reading

The final EHR certification criteria for 2014 were released a few weeks ago, and I am surprised by how many of the more forward-thinking proposals made it into the final set.  The proposed criteria, released in March, contained suggestions that I thought were good ideas (e.g., usability testing, price transparency,Continue Reading