The desire to understand modern software development best practices is the impetus behind my study of software architecture and design.  Fortunately, there are many good books on the topic.  Primarily, I have been using: Software Architecture in Practice, Second Edition and Microsoft Application Architecture, Second Edition (1). The former isContinue Reading

I have just finished rereading the NIST Draft EHR Usability Protocol (EUP).   I am even more impressed with its quality now that I have a new software project underway.   When developing software, creating an actionable set of requirements is difficult.   Working with users only solves part of the problem becauseContinue Reading

As I mentioned in the last post, I am making good progress toward learning object-oriented development methods.   During the holiday break, I created a small web project to test my understanding so far.   The results were encouraging, convincing me to promote my programming activities from a hobby to a realContinue Reading

A few posts back,  I described how the flexibility offered by content management systems made them superior to traditional methods for building websites.     Content management systems such as WordPress (used for building this site) are designed in a way that allows new capabilities to be added to sites quickly andContinue Reading