Evidence on a Sliding Scale

by Jerome Carter on November 27, 2013 · 0 comments

Has anyone else noticed this?  On the Internet, everyone is an expert, and everyone vigorously argues his/her point.  Whenever absolute proof is available to support a point, that proof is offered, upfront, with no hesitation.  However, when the evidence is weaker, a sort of “sliding scale” of why-you-should-believe-me is used to back a position.   No […]


Top 13 Missing ICD-10 Codes

by Jerome Carter on October 19, 2011 · 3 comments

The ICD-10 code set is scheduled for implementation by October 1, 2013. ICD-10 (CM+PCS) contains 140,000 or so codes, far greater than the 18,000 that comprise the outgoing ICD-9 code set. A recent Wall Street Journal article described the granularity of  the new code set and provided examples of ICD-10 codes that will strike the […]


I have spent the last few months reviewing a seemingly endless stream of documents about HITECH, MU, HIE and EHR incentives. My focus has always been on helping providers understand the details of these programs, so that they can maximize their chances of qualifying for the incentives. It occurred to me that having an instrument […]