For the last six months or so, I have been doing parallel work with Apple Swift and BPMN 2.0.   For each, I decided to do a deep dive, meaning I tried to closely follow object-oriented analysis and design (OOA&D) best practices for Swift and an equivalent methodology for BPMN. TheContinue Reading

This is the longest period I have ever gone without writing a post.  The long pause was necessary because of changes in personal goals and the world at large.   EHR Science has covered a range of topics over the years—everything from EHR market trends to discrete mathematics.   TopicsContinue Reading

After last week’s aside into the data vs. processes dilemma, it is time to get back to how one defines requirements for a clinical care system.  Requirements gathering has to proceed along a few different paths simultaneously, and for any completely new system, it is a messy activity.  There areContinue Reading