Recently, I participated in a series of emails about creating teaching materials for a course on clinical software design.   This may come as a surprise, but there are no books on the topic of clinical software design.   Of course, there are plenty of books about clinical software systems, especially EHRContinue Reading

Health care is information intensive and, when done properly, highly collaborative.    The increasing focus on data sharing and information exchange is an acknowledgement of the dependence of care delivery on clinician interaction.    However, while the current emphasis on richer communication is focused primarily on EHRs and clinical systems that supportContinue Reading

Well, it’s official–to borrow a phrase– it’s startup or bust.  The next eight months have been set aside for software development and blogging.  During this time, the goal is to build a prototype web application that can be tested with potential customers.   This means that NTM will not be acceptingContinue Reading

It is difficult to imagine the world without open source software (OSS).  Linux runs everything from Web servers to supercomputers, and millions of websites are powered by Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.  “Open source” alludes to the fact that the programming code for a software package can be readily viewed andContinue Reading