This summer was very productive. I was able to jump into the human factors literature, test out BPM suites, and get into the nuances of Swift (more than a few). All the while, I have been reflecting on designing clinical software.   The really great thing is I have been ableContinue Reading

Experimentation is essential to the development of any new field. In the case of Biomedical informatics, and clinical software in particular, the ability to test ideas in concrete form as functioning software provides a much-needed reality check on expectations and claims. There are many aspects of software systems that mustContinue Reading

Recently, when scrolling through Twitter, I learned that Dr. Dobb’s Journal was ceasing publication.   I was relieved to discover that although no new content would be added, the site would remain available. Even so, this is still saddening. I learned a lot from DDJ. Back in the days when accessContinue Reading

Some things are simply destined to happen.   I have written a few times about my multi-year journey in modern software development.   Over the last few years, I have studied software architecture, object-oriented analysis and design, discrete mathematics and workflow analysis and had a lot of fun.  Netbeans and Xcode areContinue Reading