Most EHR systems do not excel at coordinating care across multiple sites and clinicians.   At a minimum, care coordination requires support for data sharing, synchronous/asynchronous communications, role-based information access and workflow support.   Creating an ideal system for managing care across people and sites presents interesting architectural and workflowContinue Reading

Now that EHR adoption has increased, data quality issues are receiving more attention.   Unfortunately, data quality is difficult to define.   Weiskopf and Weng make this point exceptionally well in their paper Methods and Dimensions of Electronic Health Record Data Quality Assessment: Enabling Reuse for Clinical Research.   Data quality is theContinue Reading

For the last two years, massive online open courses (MOOCs) have been quietly making headway as educational tools.  However, the joint announcement by Georgia Tech and Udacity stating they would offer a masters degree in computer science for only about $7000 changes everything.   Georgia Tech is not a chump school. Continue Reading