The final installments: Clinical Workflow Analysis—More Useful than You Thought, IV Part IV: Intended Use and the Level of Detail Achieving Task and Workflow Interoperability in Healthcare, IV Part 4: Bridging the Gap Between Data and Workflow Achieving Task and Workflow Interoperability in Healthcare, V Part 5: Achieving Workflow InteroperabilityContinue Reading

EHR adoption is a relative success story.  I say relative because more clinicians use EHR systems than ever before, but not everyone is happy to be doing so.    The effects of EHR adoption on patients have often been discussed, but mostly from the viewpoint of improved outcomes.   The safety ofContinue Reading

We are now at the top layer of the clinical care system architecture. In this layer, the concern is how to best provide support for common clinical work needs such as collaboration or decision support.  This is very different from EHR system designs inspired by paper charts where the goalContinue Reading