Over the last two years, I have written three series of posts that address workflow-related topics. The first, Preventing Your EHR from Working Against You, was a view of workflow issues from the standpoint of product selection and test script creation. Petri Nets and Clinical Information Systems, the second, focusedContinue Reading

The last post focused on state and how this concept helps to portray the interactions between workflow participants.   Movement through the Good Care, LLC workflow model followed the paths laid out by arcs connecting places and transitions.  You undoubtedly noticed that places are static, and that transitions drive the actionContinue Reading

In the first post in this series, I introduced basic Petri net terminology and symbols.  Today’s post looks closer at modeling state using Petri nets.  The primary care office model in the first post illustrated straightforward movement by patients from waiting to checked-out.   While this model does capture the essenceContinue Reading

Well, it has taken longer than expected, but it’s time to discuss Petri nets.   This is the first post in a series that will look at this remarkable tool.  I am enamored with Petri nets because they provide an elegant solution to a range of problems I have encountered duringContinue Reading