Over the last two years, I have written three series of posts that address workflow-related topics. The first, Preventing Your EHR from Working Against You, was a view of workflow issues from the standpoint of product selection and test script creation. Petri Nets and Clinical Information Systems, the second, focusedContinue Reading

Once the workflow analysis for a task has been completed, it can be used to create a test script for EHR evaluation.  There is no standard process for creating a test script.  The method described here is one that I used for the 1917 Clinic EHR project.   Since there isContinue Reading

The ultimate purpose of an EHR is to assist in caring for patients.  Analyzing personal workflows aids in gathering the information required to choose the best product. Personal workflow analysis is easier to do than group workflow analysis because the focus is on the activities of only one person. HowContinue Reading

Every EHR is designed to work a certain way. The number of mouse clicks required to write a prescription; the number of screens viewed to order a lab; and the number of buttons pressed to generate a report all reflect the designers’ assumptions about how specific tasks are best accomplished.   Continue Reading