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Tables verses Documents: A Reason for Using NoSQL?

by Jerome Carter on October 20, 2014 · 6 comments

Since my last post about NoSQL data stores, I have been sporadically using the book Seven Databases in Seven Weeks (1) to explore NoSQL systems.  This book has been a great guide to understanding how the various types of NoSQL stores differ and what each type brings to the game. While NoSQL systems have proven […]


Startup: A Long and Winding Road

by Jerome Carter on September 23, 2013 · 0 comments

It has been awhile since I wrote about my attempt at launching an Internet startup.    Things are progressing more slowly than hoped, but not for the expected reasons.   Obviously, creating a successful web app from scratch is challenging; however, the purely technical aspects are not, in themselves, the most problematic ones.     Seemingly, one can select […]


Creating good software is as much about presenting users with an attractive, usable interface as it is about data and functions.   The challenge for software developers is determining exactly what an attractive, usable interface consists of for their particular application.    I have been living this concern now for the past six months. As those who […]


Is Your EHR Hackable?

by Jerome Carter on February 4, 2013 · 2 comments

Last month the Washington Post ran an article, Health-care Sector Vulnerable to Hackers, Researchers Say, which sounded alarms concerning the security of clinical systems.   Reflecting on the state of HIT security, the article quotes Avi Rubin, a security researcher: I have never seen an industry with more gaping security holes,” said Avi Rubin, a computer […]


Web Development: A Few Observations

by Jerome Carter on December 3, 2012 · 0 comments

My foray into web application development is proving to be a worthwhile learning experience.  At the outset, six months seemed to be sufficient for creating an alpha version of the application.  As might be expected, it has taken longer.  However, I am not bemoaning the usual software development road bumps–far from it.  A month or […]


CSS: A Marriage of Art and Technology

by Jerome Carter on May 14, 2012 · 0 comments

Most of my development efforts have been focused on desktop and traditional client/server applications.   The move to PHP and the web has been an eye-opener.    Wanting to understand  web technologies from the ground up, I have been creating simple web applications from scratch.   News Flash — FrontPage and other website builders make this look far […]


Well, it’s official–to borrow a phrase– it’s startup or bust.  The next eight months have been set aside for software development and blogging.  During this time, the goal is to build a prototype web application that can be tested with potential customers.   This means that NTM will not be accepting any consulting clients for a […]