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This page focuses on the HIPAA Security Rule with particular attention given to software design, risk assessment, and meaningful use requirements.  Please use the contact form to suggest additions or corrections.

Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration Toolkit – Toolkit aimed at addressing privacy and security concerns of health information exchanges.

American Medical Association
HIPAA privacy and security toolkit: Helping your practice meet new compliance requirements, 2013

Applied Computer Security Associates – An organization focused on computer security that sponsors the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference

This chapter is from a book published in 1995 that addresses audit trail design.  It is a very good introduction to the key concepts involved.

Jajodia S, Gadia S, Bhargava G. Logical Design of Audit Information in Relational Databases. In Information Security: An Integrated Collection of Essays. Abrams, Jajodia, and Podell, Eds. IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, CA, 585-595. 1995. 

Health and Human Services (Website)
HIPAA Audit Security Protocol – Audit protocol used to determine HIPAA compliance for privacy and security
Guidance on De-identification of Protected Health Information
HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule  

Security Reference Documents (HHS)
Administrative Safeguards
Basics of Risk Analysis and Risk Management
Organizational, Policies and Procedures and Documentation Requirements
Physical Safeguards
Security 101 for Covered Entities
Security Standards: Implementation for the Small Provider
Technical Safeguards

National Institute of Standards and Technology (Website)
NIST Cybersecurity Practice Guide, Special Publication 1800-1: Securing Electronic Health Records on Mobile Devices, 2015
Cyber Security Framework Draft, 2013 
Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations (Special Publication 800-53, R4)
Guide for Conducting Risk Assessments (Special Publication 800-30)
An Introductory Resource Guide for Implementing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rule (NIST Special Publication 800-66)

Office of the National Coordinator (Privacy and Security Website)
Legal Health Record Template 
Guide to the Privacy and Security of Health Information
Your Mobile Device and Health Information Privacy and Security

Software/Web Applications
HIPAA Security Rule Toolkit (NIST)
Cybersecure: Contingency Planning -(ONC) disaster recovery/business continuity training game
Cybersecure: Your Medical Practice – (ONC) privacy and security training game for practices

e-Discovery, Metadata, and You

EHR Security
Is Your EHR Hackable?

Technical Safeguards in Certified EHRs
HIPAA Requirements for Meaningful Use Objective 15
The HIPAA Security Rule: Components and Compliance

Information Security
Information Security: A Practical Guide
The Nightmare of Undead Data
In Case of Disaster, Break Glass
Encryption, an Ounce of Prevention…

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