Clinical Workflow Center 

Clinical workflow resources and information have been moved to Clinical Workflow Center!!!  Below is an abbreviated index of what you will find on there.   Enjoy your visit!!!

Clinical Workflow & Process Definitions – glossary of common clinical workflow terms and concepts

Clinical Workflow Resources – collection of reports, websites, posts, and articles covering all aspects of clinical workflow analysis and modeling

Recent Tutorials
Clinical Workflow Analysis — More Useful than You Thought – a detailed discussion of clinical workflow analysis and modeling applications and benefits

Modeling Clinical Workflows with BPMN 2.0 – an introductory tutorial on using BPMN 2.0 to model clinical workflows.

Article Categories 
Workflow in Practice
Practical applications of clinical workflow analysis & modeling for solving real-world problems in clinical care and HIT use. Case studies and descriptions of workflow techniques applied to implementation, CDS, care coordination software selection, and optimization are good examples.

Professional Skills
Investigate  clinical workflow analysis and modeling tools and methods.  Typical topics: learning BPMN, Petri nets, mathematical models of workflow, performing a cognitive task analysis, determining the level of detail required for a model, and using YAWL.

BPM & Workflow Technology
Learn about workflow automation tools and how to use them. Typical topics: tutorials on BPM product features, product reviews, process mining, implementing workflow technology, and workflow application development.

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